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Best Brands Of Treadmill

Best Brands Of Treadmill

Best Brands Of Treadmills

Ever wondered why people who intend buying a treadmill seem skeptical about the brands of treadmills to buy for their desired health-like satisfaction?. This is one simple but critical question to ask when buying a treadmill because there is a lots of them in the marketplace with different brands which may not meet the needs of customers as regard its durability, sustainability and efficiency (both in mechanical and electrical terms).

Trust us, even fitness oriented people are victims of this experience (not excluding professional trainers)... We as individuals of value want the best out of life (especially when it concerns our physical and mental well being) and as such, wouldn't want anything less; for we detest being cheated especially when there's a medium of exchange between a buyer and a seller as regard a product.

At this juncture, you have nothing to worry about as JUMBO SPORTS gives you tip on how best to make the best decision when buying a particular brand of treadmill for your fulfillment as stated below:


DEFINE YOUR NEEDS - It is important for you to know exactly what you want in respect to your purchase of a new treadmill which ranges from durability to longetivity, from efficiency to maintenance (after sale service).

It is worthy of note that the most reputable companies in the world are widely recognize by their brands (which stands as a symbol for what they represent)... Due to their level of performance over the years despite the hurdles and challenges hence resulted to their global recognition. As a result, brought about a personal experience of wellness, confidence and fun to people who identify with them.



It is true that champions don't show up to get everything they want; they show up to give everything they have which as a result inspire JUMBO SPORTS to partnering with the  following globally acceptable and reputable brands of treadmills after careful examination by researchers  which are as follows:

A. HOUSEFIT: This is an household brand which can be found anywhere in the world (home, offices, banks, hotels and gyms). The machine is known for its prowess ability to survive in any harsh/challenging condition due the uique purpose it serve. notwithstanding, the creative design of the machine makes it adapt to any environment hence bringing out the sweet sensation of a place and making it friendly because of its presence.

B. YEEKANG: There is no other name to qualify the durability of this brand other than its name as it implies 'YEEKANG'. The brand machine have been in existence for more than two decade with a lot of improvement through innovation and technology hence winning the award of  'PEOPLE'S CHOICE TREADMILL BRAND'. The brand is designed to meet the needs of all people regardless of status (weights, time and running ability). It has a powerfull ability to give you the intrigue athletic feel and generate confidence after use.

C. INTENZA: This brand of machine is specially designed for people who want to take their fitness goal to another level. The machine is built and design with the State-Of-the-Art technology defined to creating a unique superior speed experience for your wellbeing hence bringing out the athletic genius in you. It is interesting to note that with the smart ability of this machine, it's capable of carrying a person weighing more than 180kg, and also have the efficiency to running for long hours non-stop (approximately 24 hours).


At this juncture, trust JUMBO SPORTS to help you get the best of what life offers; healthwise... For we don't believe in finding customers for our products; rather, we find products for our customers because it's our moral obligation to serve.

Folding Treadmill Housefit 1.75hp


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