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3 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

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3 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

3_ways_to_lose_weight_fastThis tip will help you lose weight fast, and cheaply. The trick is to do your workout longer in your fat burning zone. This is simpler than you think.So, what's this fat burning zone? Your fat burning zone is the heart rate “zone” at which you burn most fat calories and lose weight. If your heart rate is below this zone, you are not burning the fat calories. On the other hand, if your heart rate go above this zone, you are only burning the food in your stomach instead of excess body fat.

Follow these steps to lose weight

Step 1: Determine your Fat Burning Zone

  • You do this by calculating your max heart rate (Max Heart Rate = 220 – your age).
  • Calculate the range/ zone which is 60% to 70% of your max heart rate.

For a 37 years old man or woman,

  • Maximum heart rate = 220 – 37 = 183
  • Lower range = 60% of 183 = 109.8
  • Higher range = 70% of 183 = 128.1
  • The fat burning zone is 109.8 to 128.1

Step 2: Burn Fat, Not Calories

You can achieve this by engaging the lower intensity activities. Depending on your individual fitness level, you can work at a higher intensity. The aim, though, is to keep your heart rate longer in the fat burning zone.

This will target the long-term savings bank where your body stores fat.

Step 3: Choose the Right Workout

For beginners: There are quite a few unconventional appropriate workouts. Some good ones include:                         

  • Park at the back of the parking lot and walk to the entrance
  •  Between walking a dog and tossing him a ball. Walk the dog
  • Between riding a car and walking or riding your bike , use the bike
  • Between taking the elevators versus taking the stairs, take the stairs!

For gym lovers, try this simple routine:

  • Perform three cardio exercises for an equal amount of time 
    • 10 minutes on the treadmill,
    • 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and
    • 10 minutes on the elliptical
  • Whatever your favorite workout, maintain a moderate intensity level, and keep an eye on the fitness burn zone.
  • Do this workout 3 to 5 times per week, and do different types of cardio exercises to keep things interesting!


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