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10 Beauty Benefits of Using A Sauna

In today’s gyms and recreational centers, the sauna is the focal point for most customers. It could be an attraction for social purposes (meeting new people) or to relax (giving your mind a rest from work or studies). Whatever reasons you have for using a sauna, it is known to be an essential amenity that rejuvenates the body and mind. However, a number of users and intending users may not be well informed on its benefits to their bodies and that may be a setback for you enjoy it to the fullest.

Maximum time spent in the sauna brings about many benefits to the body, especially beauty benefits which could save you a lot of money when compared to the bulk of products purchased to keep the skin glowing. This article will present the many advantages that come with a sauna, either in your home or a spa. Please read on to know more.

The amount of time you spend in the sauna is very important and the recommended time one should devote is about 30 minutes regularly (maybe three times a week or more). This will leave you feeling relaxed, healthy and radiant. You may have heard and seen this in a thousand places and asked how this happens?

  1. The heat generated from the sauna makes you look younger by getting rid of unwanted buildup under the skin. As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity making it hold on to dead skin cells that may contribute to wrinkles. In order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the sauna increases blood flow to the skin and enhances new skin growth; giving you the fresh skin you want. The steam from the sauna moistens the face, thereby saturating the skin cells and combating the aged or maturing skin.
  2. It helps to get rid of acne. First, acne is as a result of your pores clogging up with oil and dead skin cells. So, the heat from the sauna exfoliates the skin, by making you sweat and getting rid of the accumulation of oils and dust from your body. Additionally, it helps to remove black and white heads from the skin by spending 5 to 10 minutes in the sauna, then scrubbing the area of concern. You can then extract them easily, giving you effortless clear skin.
  3. After working out, you may struggle with stiff muscles or joint pains. Using the sauna will help you recover from a workout as the heat reduces the pain and increases mobility in the affected area. This is because of the increased blood flow in the body and an increase in the production of endorphins to relieve the pain. Also when you sweat, the body removes toxic wastes that have accumulated in the body, thereby improving your overall health in a harmless way and supporting the daily responsibilities of the kidney and liver in detoxifying the body.
  4. Spending time in the sauna encourages body relaxation as it lowers your stress level and clears your mind.
  5. When the body is exposed to very hot environment it increases your body’s metabolic rate which aids in your weight loss, thereby helping you to reach a healthy weight. Studies have shown that sauna users who are overweight lost more weight and have a higher chance of staying on a diet, compared to a control group who are non users. Also, users who were underweight were more likely to gain weight. The weight loss is as a result of loss of water, so when you re- hydrate you gain some weight back especially if you re-hydrate with something other than water. 
  6. Makes your hair look great, the heat will activate glands in your scalp and opens the cuticles, releasing a set of compounds that naturally moisturize and condition your hair.

We all have that moment where we just want the sauna to ourselves, but in a place like a spa or gym, it is more or less impossible. You could of course get your own and enjoy in the comfort of your home with family and friends. The sauna can be used by both adults and children. Children can regulate their bodies’ temperatures through sweat secretion like adults. However, they should enjoy just a brief session in the sauna as children 12 years and younger are more vulnerable to the saunas conditions.


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