Portable Massage Tables

5 Reasons we love the portable massage table?

  1. Foldable: We've built comfort into the massage table. After use, it is so easy to fold and store.
  2. Portable: You also get a bag. Avoid scratches, dirt and stains!
  3. Weight Sensitive: The massage table is designed to carry users of various weight.
  4. Adjustable Heights: Whatever you heights, we have you covered.
  5. Easy to Set up: You don't need a technical guy. See the video below. It's simple as ABC

Carrying Massage Table on Sale

Portable massage table features

Not only is it portable, we've thought of the best features to give you a superb experience:

  • Head Cradle
  • Face cradle
  • Arm Support
  • Lock Catch
  • Adjustable Height Knob
  • Solid Beach Wood for superior best quality
  • Handle for easy carriage
  • Pad Protector to avoid scratches
  • Wire rope for easy set up.

Massage Table with Features