Ping Pong Table Tennis Board

Ping Pong Table Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the brand?  Winsport II. We have represented this brand for over 10 years. We know it for its durability and quality.
  • What accessories do you get? 2 tennis bat, 1 tennis net, 1 holder and 3 tennis balls.
  • Type of material: Fibre glass top, Iron legs. The Winsport II ping pong table is rugged and stable for outdoor, public, home and professional use.
  • Warranty: 6 months

Table Tennis Board features

We've thought of everything

  • Foldable? Certainly! Allows for solo practice and easy storage. Also, the two halves can separate and be flipped up to save space for easy storage
  • Save Space? Yes.
  • Outdoor? You bet! It can be used outdoor or indoor. Whether for home, office or professional use, we got you covered. It is strong and stable.
  • Tyres? You do not need to carry the tennis board. It comes with wheels that allows easy movement.
  • Great value table suitable for home, school & professional use.