Best Treadmills

Do you want treadmills that last? Are you searching for treadmills with high performance and little and no performance cost? Are you look for gym treadmills that provides great quality at the best price? The best treadmills helps you achieve your fitness goals, and they come with low maintenance cost. It's important the treadmills quality remains fairly the same in the long term.

Checklist for Best Treadmills:

  1. User Weight: What's the weight of the heaviest user? Can the treadmill accommodate the weight of the users? Th treadmill board or motor is likely to bear the cost if the user weight is not properly considered.
  2. Horse power of the treadmill motor: This measures the energy of the motor which drives the running belt. Don't just ask for the peak horse power. Ask for the continuous horse power. For walkers, go for 2 hp; Joggers 2.5 hp; while Runners 3 hp. Weigh above 100 kg, increase the hp by 0.5 hp
  3. AC or DC Motors? For commercial graded treadmills, you must go for AC motors.
  4. Rotations per Minute (RPMs) of the Treadmill motor. This is crucial because this is where a lot of manufacturers begin to play with. A motor with an RPM rating of 4000 or lower is the best - never more than 5000. The lower the RPM of a motor, the better - this allows the motor to last longer.